ABMS MOC American Board of Plastic Surgery

Mary S., Redondo Beach, CA: "I love Dr. Keagle. As a woman plastic surgeon, she's into natural looking, not fake.

"I went to her because I didn't want to look like I had a lot done, just wanted to look less tired/more awake/a better me. She totally got that. I was so impressed by it, that I've gone back several times, and I never look "plastic." She's really good with filler too-I finally tried that - and it looked amazing. I love that she tells you exactly what it is going to look like (overfilled at first) and how long to expect before it decreases.

"She will tell you flat out if you need help in an area (if you don't want to know, don't ask), and she'll also tell you if she thinks you are unnecessarily obsessing about something or starting to look over-injected/sculpted.

"She is super-focussed on patient happiness and encourages patients to check-in with her the first week or so after injections.

"So many people out there who are injecting stuff aren't licensed & don't know what they are doing. I am needle-phobic and I just feel better having a real plastic surgeon who knows what she's doing inject me than some person who took a quickie course in Botox.

"Office staff is calm and professional. She's terrific—I highly recommend her!"

Mayra O., Los Angeles, CA: "I had an otoplasty [ear] surgery with Dr. Keagle like 6 months ago, I just want to say that I ended up in excellent hands.

"Just want to mention that I have never had surgery before this wonderful experience. As soon as I walked in the office everyone was friendly and they really care for what you need and want. They do listen to you. I was very enthusiastic about my surgery. I didn't even consider looking for second opinions, I knew I was in good hands.

"So far I'm very content with the results. I want to thank Dr. Keagle, she gave me my confidence back!!!!"

"From the anesthesiologist to the team that made this possible, it was a wonderful experience.

"The price is not a problem when you pay attention (to all those writing reviews about price, pay attention and if it doesn't fit your needs, then don't go for it).

"The quality that Dr. Keagle provides to her patients is EXCELLENT! THANKS DR. KEAGLE so much for giving me the look I wanted, I've gained so much confidence and thank you for still following up to see how I'm doing."

Lacey W., Chatsworth, CA: "Dr. Keagle corrected a birth defect on my underage daughter and was incredibly caring, knowledgable and professional.

"Her sense of humor and casual nature put my daughter completely at ease in spite of the personal nature of her issue. The surgery was complex but the results are fantastic, just as Dr. Keagle said they would be.

"She also treated me for forehead wrinkles and between the eyes with Botox and the results were amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon."

Micaela W., Los Angeles, CA: "Dr. Keagle is not only a good doctor, but a wonderfully down-to-earth and honest person—often rare to find within the plastic surgery field.

"She offers a truly unique and pleasant experience when visiting her office. The staff is personal, I've always felt welcomed, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect surgery.

"My breast augmentation looks extremely natural, and I was more than worried that it wouldn't. I'd have to say that not only did I have reservations in regards to my surgery, it was a rather delicate situation, and I visited several different plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Keagle.

"Within minutes of meeting her I knew she was perfect. I felt relaxed, able to ask anything, and completely aware of the entire process. It's always a joy to go back for follow up appointments, and I would recommend her and her staff to anyone in need of an impressive, communicative, balanced, and ultimately wonderful doctor.

"In regard to price, she was more expensive than some of my other options, but ultimately when dealing with something as serious as plastic surgery, I went with my instincts and was not let down. Not something you want to cheap out on, right?"

Eva K., Los Angeles, CA: "On a serious note, Dr. Keagle was my surgeon for an illness, and I have been seeing her for over a year.

"I am so happy and thankful with my outcome and results. Beautiful work.

"I was overwhelmed with my situation and she really helped me through it. She has become a friend and I would recommend her in a heartbeat for any treatment or surgery.

"She has a very real and personable demeanor—a very down to earth, warm, funny person who's got the expert skills when you need them. And i needed them. She's stuck with me now!!

"My beauty doctor forever!"

Kristin R., Los Angeles, CA: "There aren't enough stars on YELP."

"Let me first preface this with—it took me 5 long years to feel comfortable with a Plastic Surgeon & the second I walked into Dr. Keagle's office, it was positive vibes there on out.

"The team there has become somewhat of a surgery family! In June, I had a Breast Reduction. Not only was pre-surgery wonderful BUT post surgery has been that much better.

"I am over the moon excited with my new body & I truly owe it to Dr. Keagle & her team. The results are better then I could have imagined & it's changed my life. I'll save the tears, but again—there aren't enough stars on YELP.

"Raising my glass to Dr. Keagle! Cheers."